Our approach

We spend time with you to understand your financial situation and future aspirations.

Our focus on customer service, experienced people and state of the art technology will help you to answer the questions you have about your financial future, and feel secure in the decisions you have made to achieve your goals.

Our plans

We strive to negotiate the best deals for our clients and have created a personal service offer so you can get the correct level of support to better plan for retirement. Offering access to portfolios that suit your risk appetite and investment objectives, as well as providing comprehensive investment solutions.

We will suggest our most appropriate plan for you based on the amount you have to invest:

Advised Plan Managed Plan
Introductory review conversation Initial face to face consultation
Initial risk profiling analysis Creation of your personalised MasterPlan
Financial planning overview and recommendation report on portfolios designed to suit your risk appetite and investment objectives Online access to our marketing updates and investment advice when you need it
Implementation of recommendations Implementation of recommendations
Telephone access to our dedicated team, providing expert advice and support Personal access to our dedicated team providing expert advice and support
Online annual review Half-yearly telephone review to discuss fund progress and your MasterPlan
Personalised email alerts designed to help you make the right choices and keep on track for retirement Webinars on topics relevant to you; staying on target for retirement, understanding your investments etc.
Access to webinars providing up to date information and support on relevant topics Portfolios to suit your risk appetite and investment objectives via comprehensive investment solutions
Access to our thought leadership pieces Annual one to one meeting to review your MasterPlan and investments to get answers to the questions that matter most
  Virtual consolidator – view all your finances in one place; analyse how you spend your money and better plan for the future
  Regular stress-testing of your finances, investment review and reporting
Stage 1

Stage 1

Initial life planning meeting

The first meeting is at our expense, with no obligation to you. We will discuss where you are currently, where you are going and what you want to achieve.
This meeting also gives you the chance to learn more about what we do, and for us both to decide if we would like to work together. We can then agree the next steps.

Stage 2

Stage 2

Building your MasterPlan (managed plan only)

We work with you to create a personalised MasterPlan, for the future you want. Depending on the amount of disposable income and investable wealth you have, you may be able to satisfy all your financial needs, or you may need our help prioritising some over others. 

Stage 3

Stage 3

Analysis of you current investments

We adopt an objective approach, based on a broad analysis of your finances; rather than simply recommending investments, looking at every relevant aspect, including your personal circumstances, your tax position, and your attitude to risk. We adopt a whole of the market approach allowing us to provide with you the most suitable approach.

Stage 4

Stage 4

Always there

We will manage the implementation of our recommendations for you, leaving you with little to do. By keeping you up to date and providing a clearer picture of your assets and where they are placed, we can help you to better understand your financial future; working with you to understand your pre and post-retirement goals.

Selecting the right investments

It’s exceptionally hard to beat the markets consistently and over the long term the difficulty increases. Emotion can cloud judgement as fund values rise and fall. Our advice is to not panic – you have no control over external factors.

Investment performance is in the past, so at present it really means nothing! The real key is to understand what risk you are prepared to take, how much you can afford to lose or are comfortable losing and what return you need.

We’ll help you to understand this, check your current investments, and recommend action if needed.

If your retirement objectives require minimal risk to achieve, do you want to put them in jeopardy by taking too much risk, even if you usually like to? As more upside carries more downside, deciding whether you want to take more risk in pursuit of further growth, if you can achieve your objectives with less risk and greater certainty, is an important choice we can help you make. Your risk score is an indication of what you’re comfortable with, not a target!

We can’t predict which markets will rise or fall when, or which asset classes (e.g. cash, gilts, bonds, equities or property) will do better than others. Our approach is to diversify investments across a whole spectrum of different markets in line with your risk / reward needs. Once the right blend of investments is decided, we generally aim for what the markets return, rather than trying to beat them.

We often invest in passive funds; investing in a whole market without looking to select specific stocks. For this reason they carry lower costs than active approaches and reflect market returns consistently. As it’s so hard to beat markets over the long term, we believe you shouldn’t pay extra, or take more risk, for someone to try.

Stage 1
We ask each client to complete a comprehensive Risk Profile. If you are a couple, we will ask you both to complete a profile. The risk profiling tool we use features 12 questions and includes elements of psychometric testing as well as those about general investment experience. This is important as behavioural and emotional responses to investments can have a huge impact on financial decisions.

Stage 2
Your responses will be analysed to ensure you completely understand what your relationship with risk and return means.

Stage 3
We will agree your risk score and an asset model for your investments.

Stage 4
Using thoroughly researched and carefully selected funds, we construct a portfolio matching your risk tolerances.

Stage 5
Having worked so closely to get your portfolios right, we automatically rebalance them to ensure they stay close to the original requirements and monitor investments against their benchmarks.